Pentameter: The 2008 Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

April 12 – May 11, 2008

After two years of intense studio research, five dynamic young MFA candidates will exhibit their work at the William Benton Museum of Art from April 12-May 11. Pentameter showcases the diverse talents of Valerie Garlick, Matt Jensen, Patrick Earl Hammie, Jenn Dierdorf, and Krysten Bailey.

Artist:  Matthew Jensen
Artist: Matthew Jensen
Matthew Jensen’s photographs portray the wonder and mystery found while exploring on foot America’s oldest industrial towns. The work combines his intimate knowledge as a native with an obsessive devotion to walking every street in every mill town on the Shetucket and Quinebaug Rivers.
Artist:  Patrick Earl Hammie
Artist: Patrick Earl Hammie

Patrick Earl Hammie’s larger-than-life paintings explore the tension between power and vulnerability as he re-imagines the modern male and questions traditional example of masculinity. His work draws upon his life history as a son, a male, and an African American struggling to synthesize past adversity and acclimatize to present realities.

Artist:  Krysten Bailey
Artist: Krysten Bailey

Krysten Bailey’s prints explore the human body, its growth, transformation, deterioration and decay. The work considers physical and psychological complexities surrounding body and self-perception through a combination of figurative imagery, process, texture, and atmosphere.