Bilateral Symphony

Located in the inner courtyard of the Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory.

Bilateral Symphony

Po Shu Wang, 2002.

Painted steel.

Commissioned by the State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development, Office of the Arts.

“The ATIB architectural geometry can be seen as a self replicating circle in action, or the last stage of mitosis (cell division) under the microscope. In three dimension, the two buildings enclosing the courtyard are fundamentally two rectangular-parabolic sonic mirrors facing each other up close. It is an open air version of a whispering gallery or echo chamber of sort. The concept of my new design explores the above mentioned theme as well as the physical realities of the ATIB, by the construction of an interactive artwork that would sonically reveal what is inherent within the architecture and the space that is created in the courtyard. There are two identical sculptural components in this artwork design. They are symetrically located at the east-west ends of the courtyard”. - Artist statement.  

Wang is a visual artist born in Hong Kong, and educated in Rome, Italy.
He often created site-specific work under the name Living Lenses in collaboration with his wife, Louise Bertelsen, who died in 2013. Their public artworks are, in their own words, "focused on harnessing the dynamic energy of the project site encountered, to directly fuel the artwork.”