Current Exhibition

First Folio! The Book That Gave Us Shakespeare

Macbeth, Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night. These famous plays and 15 others by Shakespeare would probably have been lost to us without the First Folio.

Current Exhibition

Presidential Campaigning Over the Decades: The Mark and Rosalind Shenkman Collection of Early American Campaign Flags

Featuring more than 60 rare and important presidential campaign flags and textiles produced between 1815 and 1912, the Shenkman collection demonstrates a fascinating aspect of of early American political campaigning.

Permanent Collection

From Old Masters to Revolutionaries: Five Centuries of the Benton’s Best

The Benton is pleased to present a changing selection of its most prized possessions that span five centuries. We begin with a sixteenth-century double portrait by the Spanish court painter Alonso Sanchez Coello, whose unidentified subjects are a well-dressed noblewoman and child.

Upcoming Exhibitions


 Coming Soon to The Benton

Steaming Ahead: Reginald Marsh Watercolors of Locomotives
Includes Digital exhibitions of the "Steaming Ahead" and "Reginald Marsh's Watercolors of Havana"
October 21 - December 18, 2016
Opening Reception:  October 20, 4:30 - 6:30 pm

50th Annual Faculty Exhibition
January - March 2017

Work It: Ellen Emmett Rand and the Art of Being Seen Preview Exhibition
March - August, 2017

Web Exhibition

The Work of Ellen Emmet Rand

Ellen Emmet Rand (March 4, 1875 – December 18, 1941) was a prolific American painter and illustrator. The Benton's collection proudly hosts a large sample of her artworks.

Current Exhibitions

Visual AIDS

This exhibit assembles images produced in response to the AIDS epidemic or by artists associated with it, and highlights how artists and AIDs activists produced a variety of imagery in an attempt to control the way the disease was perceived by the public.