Free Gallery Activities

Scavenger Hunts at the Benton Museum

student doing a scavenger hunt at the Benton Museum

Add the Benton Museum to your to do list for FREE activities with family and friends.

  1. I Spy and Scavenger Hunt activities are available at the front desk for all ages.
    • Enjoy some friendly competition between friends. 
    • Do the scavenger hunts over lunch with your co-workers. 
    • Great free activity with your children.
  2. Enhance your museum experience with the free Guide by Cell audio accompaniment.
    Supplemental information is available to you for select works of art through Guide by Cell.

    Use your own cell phone to learn more about works on exhibit.
    Instructions are available in the museum gallery.
  3. We are free and are located in the heart of UConn's beautiful campus at Storrs.
  4. The The Beanery cafe is open Monday - Thursdays from 8am until 8pm and Fridays until 3pm.
  5. Enjoy our beautiful patio anytime.
  6. And always, broaden your horizons by looking at the art in the galleries.