The Molas Collection Guide


About the Guna people of Panama

The Art of Being Kuna from the National Museum of the American Indian

The Silent Jungle: Ecotourism Among the Kuna Indians of Panama from Cultural Survival Quarterly

Link TV Documentary

Kuna, an Indigenous People

The Kuna Mola: .pdf

 Dress, Politics and Cultural Survival By Diana Marks

Further Reading on the Kuna and Molas

 James Howe, The Kuna Gathering: Contemporary Village Politics in Panama (Austin; 1986)

Clyde E. Keeler, Cuna Indian Art: The Culture and Craft of Panama’s San Blas Islanders (New York: 1969)

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Jorge Ventocilla, et al., Plants and Animals in the Life of the Kuna (Austin: 1995)

Molas: Dress, Identity, Culture by Diana Marks (2016)

The Mola: Traditional Kuna Textile Art by Edith Crouch (2011)