Museum as Classroom: Teaching and Learning with Art

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Unidentified Chilean Woman (Chile), Untitled Arpillera (1970-1987), Textile, Purchased from Vicaria de la Solidaridad, Santiago, William Benton Museum of Art.

Teaching and learning are central to the Benton’s mission, yet most of this work takes place behind the scenes. From Primary School Field Trips to UConn First Year Experience, to Capstone Seminars and beyond, hundreds of students and life-long learners visit the Benton every month. Delve into the Benton’s initiatives in PreK-12 and University learning and see how faculty are engaging the museum’s collections in their teaching. The exhibition also celebrates the opening of the new education space at the museum, which will significantly enhance the Benton’s offerings.

The exhibition highlights examples of works of art pulled for class sessions in the museum, along with commentary from UConn faculty regarding learning outcomes and student experience. Learn more about PreK-12 field trips and homeschool visits featuring molas and arpilleras from the Benton’s extensive collections, and the hands-on art activities that complement inquiry-driven conversations with students in the galleries.