2021 Studio Art & DMD MFA Thesis Exhibition

Banner image for the 2021 MFA thesis exhibition

2021 Studio Art + Digital Media & Design Master of Fine Arts Thesis Exhibition

March 31 to April 10, 2021
This exhibition is presented in the museum and online

This annual exhibition highlights new work by graduating students in the Studio Art and Digital Media & Design Master of Fine Arts programs at the University of Connecticut.

Studio Art MFA candidates include Joseph Caster, Shelby Charlesworth, Rachel Dickson, Paul Michael and Magdalena Pawlowski.

Digital Media & Design MFA candidates include Emma Atkinson, Yucheng Hang, Hongju Lim, Wenchao Lou, Claudia Nuñez and Renoj Varghese.

Extended Open Hours: Friday, April 2, 4:00-7:00pm

Artist Talks: Studio Art
Zoom webinar, Wednesday, April 21, 3:00-5:00pm

Digital Media & Design

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The Master of Fine Arts in Digital Media & Design is a customized, two-year graduate program where students work closely with dedicated faculty in the development of their own independent creative practice. Situated in the School of Fine Arts, DMD faculty and students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative projects with both industry partners and top researchers across the university. The program is structured to develop an in-depth understanding of digital media aesthetics, technology, practice, procedure, design, implementation and/or research techniques employed in the areas of Digital Art, Digital Humanities/Social Sciences, STEM, Business, and Entertainment. Learn more at https://dmd.uconn.edu

Studio Art

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The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art program at the University of Connecticut is an intensive, multidisciplinary approach to the development of work in a wide range of media, including painting and drawing, photography and video, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics, and installation and performance. The three-year program focuses on the advancement of each student’s abilities as an artist. Work in the studio and studio-based classes is combined with courses in art criticism, theory and history, and teaching to provide a context of ideas for developing students’ visions. Learn more at https://art.uconn.edu.