Friedemann Weidauer

Friedemann Weidauer is a Professor of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages at the University of Connecticut.  His areas of expertise is 20th Century Literature and Culture and East and West German Film.

He grew up in Stuttgart in the 70s and lived in Berlin from 1982 – 86 at a time when the stationing of intermediate range missiles in Central Europe (Pershing II, Cruise Missiles, Soviet SS-20s) heated up the Cold War. He is Professor of German at the University of Connecticut. He directs the dual degree program EUOTECH in German Studies and Engineering. He co-authored the first and second year German textbooks Impuls Deutsch 1 and 2, with Vol. 1 published in 2019 and vol. 2 coming out in Summer 2020. The book uses a flipped classroom, project based approach to teaching and incorporates STEAM elements throughout, including environmental studies related issues such as recycling, the global division of labor, sustainability and human rights. His most recent scholarly publication is on the connection of Brecht’s theory of theater to recent studies in  cognitive psychology. He has been the editor of the Brecht Yearbook from 2008 – 2013.