Chris Sancomb

sculpture by Chris Sancomb

ood, steel, paint 

sculpture by Chris Sancomb

Greater Than, Less Than
Foam, Aquaresin, foil tape, wood, paint, ink 


Chris Sancomb has a hybrid practice in design and studio arts that explores the intersections of art and science through a wide range of media.His design practice has ​focused​ on the creation of ​STEAM related ​informal learning environments for science and children's museums. His work in these ​areas centers on designing hands-on interactive learning experiences from concept development to implementation. Central to his design practice is the belief in creating inclusive, self directed, experiential environments designed to support varied learning styles, promote empathy, and help develop creative confidence in children.

Artist Statement

Current artistic research ​explores science visualization and communication focused on ​physics, astronomy and cosmology. His work seeks to utilize various forms of scientific data as​ material for developing visual systems to represent unobservable/non-visual phenomena.This work represents an expression of wonder at the elusive magnitude of Space, and serves as a way of obtaining knowledge and understanding through inquiry, synthesis, material exploration and making.