Benton Museum Challenge

Recreate a work of art from the Benton’s collection. Inspired by the Getty Museum Challenge, we invite you to turn yourself, your family, and your pets into a masterpiece.

Feel free to browse the museum’s illustrated database for inspiration, or use the suggestions below.

Send your pics to or post them to social media and no later than Wednesday, February 3 using the hashtag #BentonMuseumChallenge. You will be entered into a drawing to win a UConn Cafes gift card OR a Benton Museum t-shirt.

Here are a few tips:

Keep it simple. Try limiting yourself to three household items, pets, or people.

Pay attention to facial expressions. They really make the portrait.

Color and pattern are important, too. Be creative and use what’s around you to recreate essential elements in the work of art.

Selected images from the Benton Museum collection below:

Transcendent Passage by Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali, Transcendent Passage, c. 1979. Color lithograph on Arches paper. Gift of Charles G. Jordan.

The True Marilyn (from HALSMAN / MARILYN by Philippee Halsman
Philippee Halsman, 9. The True Marilyn (from HALSMAN / MARILYN), 1952. Black-and-white photograph. Gift of Marjorie Neikrug.

In the Studio by Ellen Emmet Rand
Ellen Emmet Rand, In the Studio, 1910. Oil on Canvas. Gift of John A., William B., and Christopher T.E. Rand.

Captain Paul Ambrose Oliver and His Daughter Mary by Rembrandt Peale
Rembrandt Peale, Captain Paul Ambrose Oliver and His Daughter Mary, 1825. Oil on Canvas. The Louise Crombie Beach Memorial Fund.

Color woodcut of Yadonashi Danshichi Shigure No Karakasa, by Konishi Hirosada
Konishi Hirosada, Play: Yadonashi Danshichi Shigure No Karakasa, 1851. Color woodcut (chuban diptych). The George Lincoln Collection of Japanese Woodcuts.

Untitled by Cindy Sherman
Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 1975/2004, 2004. Black-and-white photograph on Kodak c-print. Gift of Charles H. Duncan, Class of 1988.

Clown by Gerrit Hondius
Gerrit Hondius, Clown, before 1955. Oil on Canvas. Gift of Mrs. Lillian Weitzler.

proof impression from LEAVES OF GRASS, Folio III by Valenti Angelo
Valenti Angelo (aka Valenti Michael), proof impression from LEAVES OF GRASS, Folio III. Woodcut. The Harold Hugo Collection of Prints and Drawings.

Aunt Winnie by Albert Chong
Albert Chong, Aunt Winnie, 1997. Thermal transfer print on canvas, inscribed copper mat on Fujicolor Crystal Archive. The Louise Crombie Beach Memorial Fund.

Self-portrait by Konrad Felixmueller
Konrad Felixmueller, Self-Portrait, 1920. Woodcut. Emily Elsas Wolf Memorial Fund.

Young Woman by Charles Wilbert White
Charles Wilbert White, Young Woman, 1963. Lithograph. Purchased With Funds Donated By Frank and Arline Seaforth.

Penelope weeping over the bow of Ulysses, by Angelica Kauffmann
Angelica Kauffmann (aka Maria Anna Angelica Catherina), Penelope Weeping Over the Bow of Ulysses, c. 1779. Oil on Wood panel. The Louise Crombie Beach Memorial Fund.

Noblewoman and Child by Alonso Sanchez Coello
Alonso Sànchez Coello (1531-1588), Noblewoman and Child. Oil on Canvas. Gift of Morton Downey.

A Divination in Tea Leaves by Alfred Laurens Brennan
Alfred Laurens Brennan, A Divination in Tea Leaves, 1879. Etching and drypoint on Laid paper
Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Norman Zlotsky.

Woman and Child by Mary Cassatt
Mary Cassatt (aka Mary Stevenson), Woman and Child, 1889-1890. Pastel on Beige paper
The Louise Crombie Beach Memorial Fund.