2020 Studio Art + Digital Media & Design Faculty Exhibition

September 2 to October 17, 2020

This annual exhibition features new work by the artists and designers who teach in UConn’s Art & Art History and Digital Media & Design departments, School of Fine Arts. The variety of media featured reflects the diverse academic concentrations offered by the departments, including graphic design, illustration/animation, painting, printmaking, photography/video, and sculpture/ceramics.

The exhibition was presented at the Benton Museum and online.

Faculty Spotlight Talks

Listen to the Panel Discussion
Covid and Creativity
How are creative arts professionals adapting to the challenges posed by Covid-19? Join faculty from UConn’s Art & Art History and Digital Media & Design departments for a discussion of their recent work.  With faculty members Heejoo Kim, John O’Donnell, Samantha Olschan, Alison Paul and Janet Pritchard.

View in East Gallery, Benton Museum October 2020