2020 Studio Art & DMD Faculty Exhibition

banner image for the 2020 studio art and digital media and design faculty exhibition

Clare Benson

Clare Benson

Douglas Degges

Douglas Degges painting

Oscar Guerra

Film still by Oscar Guerra

Emily Larned

Emily Larned sculpture

John O’Donnell

painting by John O'Donnell, "Pink Yard"

Alison Paul

painting by Alison Paul

Laurie Sloan

print by Laurie Sloan

Monica Bock

Monica Bock ceramic sculpture

Heather Elliott-Famularo

Heather Elliott-Famularo photography

Sue Huang

Sue Huang digital media design video

Anna Lindemann

Film still by Anna Lindemann

Samantha Olschan

Samantha Olschan photograph

John Richardson

John Richardson artwork installed on a gallery wall

Judith Thorpe

Photograph by Judith Thorpe

Pamela Bramble

Pamela Bramble Painting

Bradley Guarino

Bradley Guarino painting

Heejoo Gwen Kim

Heejoo Gwen Kim video still

Kathryn Myers

painting by Kathryn Myers

Tanju Ozdemir

Tanju Ozdemir film still

Chris Sancomb

Chris Sancomb sculpture

Mark Zurolo

installed artwork by Mark Zurolo