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Progression: Then and Now (Stanwyck Cromwell)


“This exhibition, is a visual documentation of my journey as a Guyanese-born artist, living in a multi-cultural America. Despite my lengthy absence from my country of origin, my memories of Guyana are very rich and abundant. A visual kaleidoscope from this exotic place is referenced in my art. These references serve as visual footnotes to my art-making practice, by allowing me a rich palette of diverse sights to draw from. Saturated colors, patterns and textures reveal themselves in my collages, paintings and drawings.”

-Stanwyck E. Cromwell, Artist

The Caribbean Initiative, El Instituto, and the Africana Studies Institute are pleased to collaborate with the William Benton Museum of Art to showcase the work of local artists at the University of Connecticut through our artist-in-residence program. Stanwyck Cromwell’s work demonstrates how art serves as a medium for capturing and expressing the range of immigrant experiences and voices in the United States.

Progression: Then and Now (Stanwyck Cromwell) is on display March 23 – May 10, 2017.


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